Tips to Help You Save Water

Groom Property Tips to Help You Save Water

Tips to Help You Save Water

While we’re no strangers to a drop of rain here in the UK, that doesn’t mean we’ve got water to waste. In fact, water efficiency organisation Waterwise report that people in the UK have less water available per person than most other countries in Europe. With climate change increasing the chances of water shortages (even here in rainy old Britain) we all need to do our bit to save water. Of course, as well as having an environmental impact, poor water efficiency will hit your wallet too. So, if you want to keep your local rivers, lakes and reservoirs topped up and your water bill down, here are a few ways you can reduce the amount of water that is wasted on your property.

Fix that water leak

A dripping tap, leaky loo or cracked pipe can waste a huge amount of water over time, or turn into a bigger water emergency that causes damage to your property. Monitoring your building and getting repairs sorted as quickly as possible could net you huge savings and lower the likelihood of suddenly having to find an emergency plumber. When you do get things fixed, make sure you use a qualified professional. The Water Regulations Advisory Scheme report that repairing faulty work carried out by rogue tradespeople costs us Brits a staggering £2.6 billion annually. Pay that bit more to get the job done properly and you’ll reap the rewards.

Use water saving devices

 Smart home technology is a real help to building managers. Integrated systems can help you keep a closer eye on the holistic health of your building and flag up problems before they get too serious. Yes, there will be an initial cost involved but, as with paying more to get a professional plumber on the case, investing in the right technology could save you much more in the longer term. Even pretty basic devices like water leak alarms, smart shower heads, sensor taps and dual flush cisterns are simple additions that can make a big difference. New technology is emerging all the time, so it’s worth looking into what kinds of water saving devices are currently on the market.

Get a water audit

If you want to really drill down into the detail and find out how water efficient your building is, you can get a water audit from your regional water company. Here in Wales, it’s Dwr Cymru that offer a process audit service to help you save water. They’ll examine your property and water consumption and tell you where you can make changes that will help reduce your water and energy bills, as well as help protect the environment. With people being ever more conscious of their impact on the planet, the environmental impact of buildings is something every property manager or landlord needs to consider.

Save water with qualified, accredited plumbers you can trust

All in all, it’s pretty simple – improve water efficiency and you’ll benefit your budget and lower your building’s carbon footprint. And we’re here to help you save water when you need us.

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