Avoiding Structural Damage with Planned Maintenance

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Avoiding Structural Damage with Planned Maintenance

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, prevention is better than cure. Staying on top of your building’s general maintenance is the best way to prevent more serious problems developing, especially any that could affect the integrity of the structure. Anything that impacts the fabric of the building itself can be expensive to rectify or even render the property unsafe for use, so it’s sensible not to take any chances. Structural damage may not always be avoidable, but there are some simple things a good, scheduled property maintenance contractor can do to minimise the risk.

  1. We’ll check your roof, guttering and drainage systems. Keeping rainwater running smoothly away from a property is essential. Any excess moisture that finds its way into the building can cause damp and rot, whether that’s from pooled water at the foundations or slow leaks into roof beams and walls. We look for loose tiles, cracked flashing, blocked or broken guttering and downpipes, blocked or broken interior and exterior drains and anything else that might present a problem. And then we fix it properly.
  2. We’ll sort your doors, windows and ventilation grills. Doors and windows are natural places for water to enter a building. Cracked or loose glass, degraded frames or just a plain bad fit can all mean excess water is able to get into your property, affecting your walls and floors. Poor glazing and ventilation issues also encourage condensation to form inside, so we can advise you and take the appropriate steps to reduce excess water vapour inside the building and promote good air flow. Inspecting and repairing any problems at the earliest opportunity means we can help you steer clear of major repairs further down the line.
  3. We’ll maintain the surrounding surfaces. Weaknesses in the ground areas surrounding your property can contribute to (or flag up) bigger structural issues. Our groundwork team are adept at ensuring any paved areas, steps, car parking spaces etc. are in proper repair so that your building and the areas around its foundations remain safe for occupiers.

While this isn’t an exhaustive list of what we do to keep our clients’ buildings in good repair, it’s a quick illustration of the kinds of things we keep on top of and shows just how important it is to have a trusted, reliable and experienced property maintenance company on the case. The earlier we can identify a problem, the less likely it is that structural damage can wreak havoc on your property. With a comprehensive planned maintenance schedule in place, you can save yourself the money, time and trouble it costs to make the emergency repairs that often stem from taking a purely reactive approach to maintenance.

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