What is preventative property maintenance?

5 Preventative Maintenance Tasks for Landlords

What is preventative property maintenance?

As a landlord or business owner, you’re probably always looking for ways to save money. That’s why the mantra of “don’t fix what’s not broken” might be resonating with you. However, you might be saving money in the short term only to spend so much later on reactive maintenance following the lack of consistent repairs.

If you are looking to keep your commercial property in the best shape throughout the year while incurring fewer costs, then preventative maintenance is the way to go. But what is preventative property maintenance? Let’s take a look.

What is preventative property maintenance?

Preventative property maintenance involves taking the necessary actions to predict and prevent damages before they occur. Some of the actions for preventative property maintenance include routine inspections, cleaning, and repairing home appliances to ensure they work as intended and are not damaged in any way.

Preventative maintenance helps avoid extensive damage to the property. It ensures that you don’t have to spend a lot of money when home components get damaged or broken completely. Identifying issues earlier makes it easier, less time-consuming and more affordable to resolve.

A regular preventative maintenance routine also helps minimise downtime from issues and reduce the risk of having to spend a lot on a professional in case of an emergency. Moreover, it extends the lifespan of the building and its components.

Preventative property maintenance checklist

Here are some of the things to check when deploying preventative property maintenance:

* Leaky taps – Identify and fix any leaking taps to avoid ceiling damage or moulds growing on the walls.

* Electrical wiring – Continually update the electrical wiring of your property for assured safety. Updated wiring helps avoid power outages and electrical fires.

* Interior and exterior painting – Repainting your property is the easiest way to keep it looking good while also increasing the kerb appeal for marketability. However, waiting until the walls become dingy and damaged can be costly to repaint.

* Air filters – Keeping the air filters fully operational ensures clean indoor air, a cleaner house and provides protection against seasonal allergies. Failure to replace the filters in time will require costly repairs by a professional contractor.

* Roof – Check your roof at least twice a year, preferably during spring and autumn. Check for the presence of curls and wraps which can be signals of underlying major roofing problems.

* Tiles and cracks – The regular use of tiles around the bathroom and kitchen predispose them to cracks. Seal any crack to avoid other extensive structural damages which are costly to manage.

* Pests – Pest management is one of the crucial property management aspects. Pest infestations can lead to property damage and negatively impact your tenants’ health. Regularly inspecting the property will ensure there is no infestation.

Bottom line

Preventative maintenance is essential if you want to avoid spending too much on massive repairs on your property. Keeping the property in shape also helps in terms of marketability, attracting potential clients and tenants. Importantly, it provides peace of mind.

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