Exterior Maintenance Tasks for Summer

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Exterior Maintenance Tasks for Summer

With summer well and truly on its way, now’s the time to think about your exterior maintenance schedule. While we know we can’t always be sure of good weather here in the UK, there are some maintenance and repair tasks that are best done at this time of year. So, here are some of the jobs you might want to add to your ‘to do’ list over the next month or two.

  1.  Structural assessment

A nice bright, dry day is a good time to walk around the exterior of your property and take a really close look at it. Check for any cracks in walls, sunken areas or pools of water around the foundations, mouldy patches or and any other signs that there may be structural repairs that need sorting. Invasive plants like ivy can also cause damage to walls and rooves, so now’s the time to get them under control.

  1. Check your roof

The wetter, stormier winter weather can really take its toll on your roof. Summer is a good time to clear off any moss or algae that has built up, repair or replace tiles and flashing and get the surrounding gutters and downpipes cleared of leaves and other debris.

  1. Outdoor safety checks

Freezing winter temperatures and lots of rain can cause issues like cracked concrete and swollen wood frames. So, now that it’s drier and warmer, you’ll be able to spot whether there’s weather damage that need to be sorted out. Give outdoor parking areas, steps, pathways and patio or decking areas a good once over to check for cracks, holes, loose boards and trips hazards. Also look at your windows and doors to make sure they’re in good condition and full working order.

  1. Spruce things up

Winter can leave your property looking a bit shabby. If exposure to the elements has caused a build-up of grime, cracks or peeling paint, it makes sense to try and sort it out while there’s less chance of rain getting in the way of your repairs. It’s the perfect time to fill cracks, pressure wash walls, paths, patios or decking areas and give your masonry a fresh lick of sealant or paint.

Finding the right exterior maintenance contractors

Keeping on top of things with regular scheduled maintenance is always a more sensible and cost-effective option than leaving things to potentially get worse. If there are exterior maintenance and repair tasks that you can sort out yourself, go for it. For the trickier jobs, it might be wise to call in the professionals to help you out.

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