Car Park Maintenance

Car Park Maintenance

Car Park Maintenance

With many of the nation’s car parks remaining virtually empty for much of the past year, car park maintenance might have taken a bit of a back seat in terms of property management priorities. However, with the world starting to open up again, albeit cautiously, it’s important to make sure your car park is fit for purpose. Not only will it once again have to handle the stresses and strain of normal everyday use, you need to ensure you remain compliant with those all-important statutory regulations. A pothole that damages a car, or worse, loose paving that injures a car park user, could leave you with a serious legal and financial headache.

Car park surface maintenance

Any surface in constant use will suffer from wear and degrade over time, especially if frequented by heavy vehicles and a large number of people. The trick is spotting and repairing any problems early. The longer you leave things, the harder they’ll be to fix. Loose or sunken paving, cracks or holes in the tarmac and other structural problems could potentially cause damage and injury to people and vehicles, so need to be sorted pronto.

When doing maintenance and repairs, the quality of the materials and the workmanship is also something to bear in mind. Use reputable professionals who do things to a high standard and you’ll save yourself money and disruption in the long term.


It’s not just about the parking surface itself. Safe access to and from parking spots is just as important. Again, ensuring there are no trip hazards or anything else that may cause someone to fall or injure themselves, is a priority.

You also need to ensure that disabled people or those with mobility problems are able to access and move around the property safety and easily. Non-slip surfaces, wide paving, dropped curbs etc. – every element has to be considered to ensure your car park is as safe and inclusive as possible.

Ground water drainage

As with everywhere in the good old UK, flooding and standing surface water can be a problem if you don’t keep your drainage in order. If it’s something that’s consistently affecting your car park, you may need to look at installing better drainage. If you already have a good drainage system, it’s vital to ensure it’s kept clear and in good working condition. If you can’t take care of your gutters, pies, culverts, manholes and soak-aways in house, it’s worth getting professionals in to get the job done.

Car parks can become contaminated by harmful environmental pollutants like fuel, oil, and hydraulic fluid. So it’s also important that you know the rules surrounding what can and can’t drain away into the watercourse and install the appropriate drainage solutions, where necessary.

Car park maintenance and repairs 

Car parks have to withstand a lot of wear and tear. The best way to ensure yours stay in good condition is by having a regular maintenance plan in place. Catching potential problems before they cause serious damage is always better than having to contend with the expense and disruption of emergency repairs.

If you’d like to know how we can help you keep your car park in good working order, get in touch with our Groom Property Maintenance team today. Our car park maintenance and groundwork services are available along the M4 corridor area from West Wales and the West Country to London and the South East.