Redecorating Your Rental Property

Redecorating your rental property

Redecorating Your Rental Property

For landlords, regularly redecorating your rental property is important for both attracting and keeping tenants. Not only does it help keep your property occupied it makes it easier to stay on top of general wear and tear before it gets out of hand. Having a great looking rental space can make a big difference to your bank balance. So, if you’re a new residential or commercial landlord with home or office space for rent, here are a few tips on painting and decorating.

How often should I redecorate my rental property?

Unless they’ve only been there for a very short time and were model tenants, it’s usually the case that you’ll need to decorate between tenants. Depending on the state they leave the property in, decorating could range anywhere from a basic freshen up to deal with everyday wear and tear to a full-blown redecoration. The general consensus is that most landlords will need to redecorate their properties about once every five years, so keep good records of any work you do on the property. If you have long term tenants, obviously you’ll need to try and negotiate with them to make sure they suffer minimal disruption while work is carried out.

How often should I check the property?

It’s a good idea to regularly inspect the property, especially when you have new tenants. Quarterly checks are often recommended but you could drop them down to six monthly if you have tenants that you trust. These checks will help you spot any problems with décor and do running repairs before they become a bigger issue. It also shows the tenants that you’re serious about maintaining their living or working conditions to a high standard.

Should I let my tenants do the redecorating?

Unless you really trust them and oversee the work, or they’re professional decorators themselves, probably not. What you and future tenants may consider to be good taste, may not align with your current tenants’ views on decorating. And who knows what the quality of the work will be like? There are plenty of examples of tenants using the wrong paint on the wrong surfaces, painting walls bright, hard to cover colours or simply making a big mess of it all. A bad decorating job can cost a lot to rectify, so it’s best to leave the redecoration in your own hands.

Do I need professional decorators to do the work?

It depends on your level of skill and the size of the property in question. If a small residential front room needs a quick freshen up, you can probably go the DIY route. For bigger or more complex jobs, it’s best to get a professional painter and decorator in. Yes, you’ll pay a bit more, but they’ll do the work much faster, to a higher standard and they know which paints and other materials to use on different surfaces. If you choose a reputable decorating service, the job they do is likely to look better and last longer than an amateur effort which is usually far more cost effective in the long run.

Redecorating your rental property the right way

At Groom Property we have years of experience in redecorating both residential and commercial properties to the highest standard. Our team are adept at getting the job done professionally, with minimal disruption to your tenants. We can also advise you on the best materials to use for the space you’re decorating, so that you get longer lasting, practical solutions and value for money.

If you’d like to know more about how our Groom Property Maintenance redecorating team can help your property up to scratch, get in touch. Our painting and decorating services are available along the M4 corridor area from West and South Wales through to Bristol, Swindon, Reading, London and the South East.