Groom Property Case Study: Tea Point Installation

Groom Property Maintenance Case Study tea point installation

Groom Property Case Study: Tea Point Installation

As trades, we know that having somewhere to rustle up a good cuppa is an essential requirement in any workspace. So, we were definitely up for the job when a client tasked us with tea point installation on several floors in their City of Westminster retail premises. We thought we’d share our Groom Property Maintenance team’s installation process.

First Floor: Connecting into the pipework

We started on the building’s first floor by connecting into the pipework after the water meter and fitting a drain off and stop cock. The pipework then had to be run up to the second floor in the most efficient way to the location of the first tea point. We like to keep things tidy, so after removing part of the wall and running pipes along the top edge, we then made surfaces good again and boxed the pipework in. The last step was to replace the kitchen sink, taps and work surfaces in the ground floor’s small kitchen area.

First Floor Connecting into the pipework

Second Floor: Tea point one Installation

Once the ground floor pipework was sorted, we continued to run it up from the staircase through into the second-floor office space. Next, we fitted a kitchen cupboard unit and sink and installed a small water heater within the first compartment of the kitchen unit. The team then installed a waste-water pipe to connect to the main outside drainage system.

Second Floor Tea point one Installation

Third Floor: Installing tea point two

The install on the third floor was pretty much a carbon copy of the work carried out on level two. The pipework was once again run up the staircase into the office area and another sink unit with heater was fitted, along with external waste-water connection. The only slight difference was installing and boxing in a length of pipe in quite a tricky corner space. No match for our team, obviously, but it called for getting into a few interesting positions!

Third Floor Installing tea point two

Outside: Connecting external waste pipework

Once the internal installs were finished, all that was left was to get out onto the flat roof and run the waste-water from the newly fitted second and third floor tea points to the waste stack. Job done!

Outside Connecting external waste

Now the tenants of this busy commercial premises have custom built refreshment areas to make life easier (and keep the workforce fueled with cups of tea).

Whether we’re tasked with small, simple jobs or large complex projects, our team take pride in delivering the very best results for every client. Working in both commercial and large residential spaces, we also aim to get the job done with as little disruption to our clients’ tenants. If you’d like help with commercial installation, maintenance or repairs, or have any questions about our property maintenance services, please get in touch with our Groom Property team.