Case Study: New Drain Installation

Case Study New Drain Installation

Case Study: New Drain Installation

We help clients across South Wales keep their drainage systems well maintained and provide emergency repairs, when necessary. It’s always best to get drain problems sorted earlier rather than later. A sudden issue with your property’s drains has the potential to be very messy, costly and could result in substantial damage to both buildings and outdoor areas.

One of our recent drainage jobs was to repair a drain cover rim for a large retirement housing complex in Swansea. At first glance this might not seem like a major issue but damage to the chamber or manhole cover area can lead to excess water and debris entering the system. A weakness in a drain’s structure also poses a risk of collapse, which is particularly hazardous if it is located in a high traffic area of the property.

Our team solved the issue by supplying and fitting a high quality Osma drain. First, we dug out the old drain and lower riser sleeve.

New Drain Installation 1 (1)

After placing a concrete base around the structure, our engineers installed the new system.

New Drain Installation 2

We also ensured that the edges of the drain were highlighted with white lime to make it easily visible.

New Drain Installation 3

This repair not only solves the problems created by the damaged rim, it will make it easier to clean and maintain the drain going forward. Its lower positioning flush with the surrounding ground, and highlighted edges also make it less of a trip hazard, a particularly important safety consideration in a retirement property.

Drain Installation experts

If the drains on your commercial property need regular planned maintenance or emergency repairs, we’re here to help. We’ve been providing drainage maintenance services for over 30 years to clients across South and West Wales, the West Country, South England and the South East. Just contact us on 01269 841416  or email