Why is Gutter Cleaning So Important?

Why is Gutter Cleaning So Important

Why is Gutter Cleaning So Important?

Autumn is the classic time to sort out the gutter cleaning, but keeping your rainwater run off systems in good repair should be part of your regular maintenance schedule throughout the year. Poorly maintained guttering and downpipes can cause a variety of problems, including:

Exterior building damage: blocked or cracked guttering will cause water to flow where you don’t want it to. Uncontrolled run off can cause flooding around the base of the building, as the water isn’t being funnelled directly into the drainage system. This can cause damage to paved areas and the property’s foundations. If left to run down exterior walls, rainwater can cause paint to peel, walls to stain, mould to grow and structural materials to degrade. Not only does this mean you could face some hefty repair bills and significant disruption while you get things fixed, but your building isn’t going to make a great first impression either.

Interior property damage: just as poor drainage caused by blocked or faulty gutters and downpipes can affect the exterior, it can also cause major problems inside. If water isn’t property channelled away from the structure, it can seep into the top of walls and ceilings which can have potentially serious consequences. And if the leak is slow and not obvious, by the time it becomes apparent, the damage can be significant. As well as weakening walls and ceilings it could create the perfect conditions for potentially harmful moulds to grow – all of which are a hazard to tenants.

Collapsed gutters: in a worst-case scenario, badly overloaded and poorly maintained guttering could be at risk of collapse. Channels can fill with a build-up of wet, heavy debris like leaves, twigs, moss, birds nests and other organic matter, especially if your building is surrounded by trees. If the fixings are also loose or decayed due to a lack of maintenance, collapse may happen. This obviously poses a huge risk to anyone around the building, not to mention the potential legal and insurance liabilities. It goes without saying that autumn is the time to really keep a close eye on your gutters and keep them as clear as possible.

Professional gutter cleaning contractors

Of course, keeping your guttering clear isn’t always easy, particularly if you have a large commercial building or lots of residential properties to manage. That’s where we come in. Our expert gutter cleaning team have the tools, skills and experience to get into all the places other people can’t reach. Whether we need to get up a ladder or abseil down, we’ll make sure your gutters, downpipes and drains are well maintained and in proper working order. And when something goes wrong, we’re on call to get it fixed pronto.

For planned gutter clearing services, emergency repairs and other general drainage services, just call our help desk on 01269 841416. Our property maintenance services are available along the M4 corridor area from South and West Wales to London and the South East.