Preventative Maintenance: What are the Benefits?

Groom Property The Benefits of Planned Preventative Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance: What are the Benefits?

Every landlord and building manager wants to get the most from their property maintenance budget, but what’s the best approach to take when it comes to planned preventative maintenance vs reactive repairs? While it’s inevitable that you’ll have to troubleshoot a few emergencies here and there, the old adage that prevention is better than cure is pretty sound advice. Following a reactive maintenance strategy might seem like the most appropriate option, especially when cashflow is tight, but it can often leave you with more serious (and expensive) problems in the long run.

Why choose scheduled property maintenance over reactive repairs?

  • You save on energy bills: Water leaks and inefficient or unreliable heating systems can cost you more in utility bills. Keeping systems in good working order will help reduce water and energy consumption.
  • You ensure a safer environment for tenants: Regular maintenance will keep your building in a good state and help you spot and react to any potential problems in good time, like structural problems, trip hazards, mould, unclean air conditioning systems and other issues that could affect the health and safety of occupants.
  • You can budget more effectively: No one likes surprises that involve shelling out money. With a preventive maintenance plan, you can even out costs across the financial year while reducing the risk of emergency repairs messing up your financial planning.
  • You reduce the risk of weather damage: While no-one can fully guard against freak weather, looking ahead to the next season will help you minimise common problems. For example, completing tasks like clearing the gutters and sorting out those dodgy roof tiles before the wetter, stormier autumn or lagging the pipes before winter can all help reduce the chances of a sudden disaster.
  • You ensure compliance with statutory regulations: Fail to comply with building safety legislation and you not only put lives at risk but face the prospect of prosecution and significant fines. With a good maintenance schedule, you won’t miss any of the vital checks on things like electrical systems, boilers and heating, fire safety systems or any other inspections and repairs that are necessary to satisfy your legal responsibilities.
  • You extend the life of your property and systems: Neglected systems and structures can deteriorate more rapidly than those that are well cared for. For the best return on your investment, it pays to look after your building and its systems, optimising performance and reducing the risk of urgent repairs.

Keeping your property safe with planned preventative maintenance

Playing the long game rather than using a short-term, reactive strategy is the key to keeping thing running smoothly. Plan your building maintenance schedule well and employ the right contractors to get the job done and you could save yourself a lot of time, money and stress. For help in keeping your property in good repair, talk to us – our experts can devise and implement a bespoke preventative maintenance schedule that works for you.

Although we provided planned maintenance and repair services, we’re also ready to respond to any property emergencies you might encounter. Our plumbers, carpenters, roofers, decorators, tilers, drainage specialists and groundwork team are on hand to rescue and repair across South Wales, South West England and South East England, covering locations along the M4 corridor.

Just contact the Groom Property helpdesk for more information on how we can help you keep your property in tip top shape.