Prevent Drainage Problems with Regular Drain Maintenance

Prevent Drainage Problems with Regular Drain Maintenance

Prevent Drainage Problems with Regular Drain Maintenance

Drains are something we all take for granted and don’t tend to think about – when they’re working. But when they go wrong, things can go south pretty quickly. The best way to prevent drainage problems is with proper drain maintenance. Regular checks and maintenance will identify issues early, so they can be repaired long before they have the capacity to cause serious damage to your property and inconvenience your tenants. Leave your drainage systems without regular inspections and upkeep and you could be in for some costly, time-consuming and messy repairs.

What issues can be caused by drain problems?

Some problems are more obvious than others. A blocked toilet will get most people’s attention pretty quickly, but other issues can be more subtle. However, they can all cause serious problems for tenants.

Hygiene issues – having functioning hygiene facilities is a serious health and safety matter. If the drainage side of your toilet or hand washing facilities isn’t up to scratch, it’s a huge problem, especially during a pandemic. While no-one can completely prevent blockages caused by tenants, proper maintenance will at least ensure that your sink and toilet drainage pipes won’t succumb to things like excessive soap or grease build up that can become problematic.

Bad smells – whether you have corporate or residential tenants, foul smells can from drains can seriously affect the people using your properties. If there are blockages, sewage backflow or stagnant areas of water that have begun to fester, the odour can be very offensive. With regular drain maintenance, your system will not only be checked for contributory issues, but thoroughly jet washed to remove old water, mould, grease or other debris that may be sitting in the system.

Structural damage –  damaged or blocked drains and pipes have the potential to cause significant structural damage to your property. Whether it’s tree roots growing through drains, blocked grates and gutters or leaking pipes, if your system is compromised, it means that water isn’t being effectively drained away from your buildings. Things like blocked gutters are easily spotted and rectified but a cracked drain underground could be doing catastrophic things to your foundations without you even knowing.

That’s why it’s important to have a professional drainage maintenance team on hand to give everything a good once over every six months or so. They have the experience to know what to look for and the specialist equipment to reach the places you can’t, like CCTV drain cameras and high-pressure jet washing systems.

Commercial and Domestic drain maintenance specialists

At Groom Property Maintenance, our drainage specialists stay on top of your drain systems, so you don’t have to worry. We’re experts at maintaining drains in buildings of all sizes, for everyone from SMEs to large corporations. We use the latest drain maintenance equipment to ensure that your systems are meticulously checked and washed, giving you peace of mind.

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